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Corporate Art Tapestries by Russell Webb

Imagine a colorful wall tapestry fabricated from plush broadloom carpet. The corporate art world is abuzz with stunning examples of ornate carpet sculptured tapestries that defy a simple description. These broadloom tapestries can feature 3-d like depth and reflect current carpet sculpture techniques that have never been seen before.

How are the Tapestries produced?

Without revealing too many trade secrets, they are essentially fabricated with a unique inlay process. The vibrant color palette available in broadloom carpet selections assures that mose requests can be met. After the tapestries are fabricated they are then sculpted with precision tools that 'sharpens' up the whole piece.

One sure-fire way to establish a unique look is to blend complimentary carpet styles and create a rich tapestry of colors, textures and depths. One clear advantage of this form of tapestry is the scalability. Think large scale murals and you have a glimpse of what's possible.

Mounting or hanging large scale tapestries does require a set-up time and an installation window of a day or two, but this is not uncommon.

There are a few obvious benefits to the installation of a plush tapestry.

1. A colorful alternative to the ordinary flat two-dimensinal Art.

2. A creative solution as a sound buffer for rooms with ambient echoing.

3. Abundant themes that can be reflected in a custom tapestry.

When considering a broadloom tapestry, it's important to ask a few key questions, for example: How do we come up with a design? There will likely be a discovery phase; exploring concepts, then a few renderings are created and finally a design is agreed on.

How will the tapestry be mounted? For large scale tapestries, it's best to secure the tapestry on the wall with a special adhesive, making a more or less permanent install. For smaller tapestries, the same applies, however the tapestry can alternatively be stapled in place - invisibly - or hung from a decorative rod.

How are materials and colors chosen? There should be many options available in colors, style and textures. The broadloom mills like Shaw and Mohawk have extensive selections, here's a few: try a sophisticated patterned piece, or a thick plush style, or even shorter commercial grade options. Wool selections are also available. Samples and swatches can easily be shipped direct from the mills.

The stunning look and 'wow factor' of a well made broadloom tapestry will certainly generate a buzz in the designated space as well as create a quieter environment in those settings that demand it.

In wrapping up we have discovered that broadloom tapestries are ideal candidates for corporate art installations. They can add color and soften a noisy space at the same time, and can be scaled up to larger sizes. There are ample colors and styles to work with as well.

© 2007 Russell Webb

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