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Custom Area Rug Fabrication
Part old world te
chnique and part modern technology blends to transform the ancient tradition of rug making into an exciting new art form. So what exactly is custom rug fabrication?


Custom Area Rugs - Choosing the Right Style of Carpet
When considering the purchase of a custom fabricated rug, the question of carpet style & carpet quality is important. There are many carpet styles to choose from. Here's an inside look at the top rated carpet mills, & the various styles that are offered.

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custom carpet inlay inset

Designer Rugs: Custom Inlay Fabrication or tufted Wool?
Have you ever wondered about how those beautiful designer rugs are created and produced? Here is a close up look into the two uniquely different techniques of custom rug building...

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octagonal rug
Custom Staircase Carpeting and Runners: 5 Tips Before You Buy
I’ve seen my share of custom carpeted staircases and I’m always blown away by the final custom look that comes out of these unique installations. If you’ve ever considered the possibility of working with a rug fabricator who is familiar with adding a custom design to your staircase I have a few tips before you jump.
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Exquisite Tapestries Made From Broadloom Carpet
We all know that tapestries are rich in history, but did you know that tapestries date back as far as 3rd century BC in Greece? This form of textile art has a modern counterpart in the form of Carpet Sculpture. With recent advances in technology carpet sculpture has emerged as an attractive option for tapestry collectors and admirers.
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Corporate Art Tapestries
Imagine a colorful wall tapestry fabricated from plush broadloom carpet. The corporate art world is abuzz with stunning examples of ornate carpet sculptured tapestries that defy a simple description. These broadloom tapestries can feature 3-d like depth and reflect current carpet sculpture techniques that have never been seen before.
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Colour Your World With Art -
When you buy art, you may not think you are consciously choosing a colour scheme so much as buying something which appeals to your eye. You may prefer certain subjects for your pictures, such as land or seascapes, but certain colours, which do appear in these types of painting do evoke inner feelings and emotions. We know that some colours are calm and restful, some are hot, fiery and emotive.
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Seeking Balance in Your Home Decor -
In our homes, as in other parts of our lives, we are happier when we live with balance and harmony. Just like the rest of our lives, balance in the rooms of our homes is sometimes hard to create.
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Interior Design For Couples -
Interior design for couples is one of the hottest, most popular types of design these days. In the past, men have not taken the initiative to actually be involved in the interior design of their homes, often resulting in very female orientated, elegant designs that are beautiful although not exactly appealing to the Saturday afternoon football crew.
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Hardwood Flooring Design and Performance Aspects
Hardwood floors are suited to both casual and formal environments; they feel at home with modern or traditional and will compliment the decor of both minimalist and eclectic designs. Hardwood can be classic, rock, jazz, country, or hip hop.

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