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Finally A Surprisingly Simple Way to Get the Perfect Area Rug...

   Let Mastercraft Carpet Makers create a custom rug for you. Get involved in the concept stages or leave it all to us; it's entirely your choice.

  To begin your new project, just send us a copy of your favorite rug design.

  Your artwork ideas may or may not require re-creation. If we find re-creation necessary, we'll convert your artwork into .ai vector format for a flat fee of just $65.00 per drawing.

  We can also design a fashionable rug for you. To do so, we'll need to know the size of rug you need and the general styles that interest you, along with a few other details.

  Our special designer package includes two unique styles with two colorways each for one flat fee of $99.00. We start design work once we fully understand your rug size and style preferences. We want to ensure your total satisfaction.

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“The rug is just incredible. Turned out better than I imagined. Could not be more pleased. My kids love it as well (5 and 3). They ask anyone that comes in the house if they want to “see my daddy’s new rug”. I absolutely love it. Thanks for all the help you gave. I will surely recommend you to anyone that needs such a product." Chuck Busse

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