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Three Little Known Secrets to Customizing Your Interior With Stunning, Hand-crafted Area Rugs.

Once you choose a design, it's time to choose carpet colors.

Secret #1
- Choose a high quality carpet that matches your surroundings. This might be a thick, plush, residential grade or a short dense, commercial grade carpet. Your choice depends on your personal style and the rug's purpose.

(Tip: Call our customer service hot line: US toll free
877-784-5646 to request free carpet swatches.)

Secret #2 - We use a unique inlay process to create your rug, similar to a custom cabinet maker inlaying a design into wood. This helps us create intricate color detail within the field piece and ensures a sophisticated, durable and eye-catching final product.

Secret #3 - Carpet Sculpture is the art of carving and beveling border and design details with a special high speed cutting tool. We carve your rug with the precision of a master craftsman. Carpet Sculpture can be quickly and easily integrated into any design.

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"When we really needed to make a statement in our new building... something that said "We've arrived!"...I did some research and found Russell on the internet. He listened to what I wanted and created a beautiful custom rug. Our award-winning newsroom looks impressive and shows our pride. Thank you Russell, I am happy to give you a resounding endorsement."

Kristin Osborn, Director of Promotions KFI AM 640

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